BH2: The Heated Back Hammer 2.0 - Portland Health Supply
BH2: The Heated Back Hammer 2.0 - Portland Health Supply
BH2: The Heated Back Hammer 2.0 - Portland Health Supply
BH2: The Heated Back Hammer 2.0 - Portland Health Supply
BH2: The Heated Back Hammer 2.0 - Portland Health Supply
BH2: The Heated Back Hammer 2.0 - Portland Health Supply
BH2 - Portland Health Supply


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The Back Hammer 2.0 is a heated massage tool that impulses like a jack hammer to break up neuromuscular tension and discomfort.

This next generation design features a uniquely compact shape with ergonomic triangular grips.  Despite the reduced dimensions, the power and force have been enhanced by a compact USB powered battery. Notable features include an ice pack attachment, and a heated attachment easily controlled by a single LCD interface.

For best results, start with light pressure and soft attachment heads.  Incorporate gentle muscle contractions with slow movement of the targeted region. For example, if you are targeting your thigh muscles then gently bend and straighten your knee while applying the tool. It is also beneficial to search for tight or tender muscles above or below the targeted region that may be silent contributors. Do not exceed 5 minutes per region per day. 

Fast rpms target superficial tissues and slow rpms target deep tissues. Wide attachment heads generally work well for all areas. Small attachment heads generally work well for the smaller muscles of the hands and feet.  Avoid contact with boney surfaces.

Do not use directly (perpendicularly) over the mid or upper neck. The neck responds best to gentle, off parallel contact. Do not use on eyes, pace makers, pregnant abdomens, cuts, tumors, swelling, unexplained calf pain, blood clots, infections, or broken bones. Calibrate tissue tolerance to the heated attachment and discontinue if skin irritation presents. Be aware of the potential for bruising and hematoma.

Never use this device on children, the unconscious, or anyone who cannot give verbal consent or warnings about pain.

Charge the USB battery with a standard USB plug. Charge 3-4hr for a full charge, and do not leave the device plugged in for more than 24hr. Fully charge the battery at least once a month. The ideal power range for operation and longevity is 60-100% full.

Regular movement throughout the day, nutrition, stress management, and exercise are all essential for musculoskeletal health in addition to this device. If you are experiencing pain or neurological symptoms, please consult a qualified health care provider.

"Percussive therapy delivered by massage guns can help improve acute muscle strength, explosive muscle strength and flexibility, and reduce experiences of musculoskeletal pain."

Sams L, Langdown BL, Simons J, Vseteckova J. The Effect Of Percussive Therap On Musculoskeletal Performance And Experiences Of Pain: A Systematic Literature Review. Int J Sports Phys Ther. 2023 Apr 1;18 (2):309-327. doi: 10.26603/001c.73795. PMID: 37020441; PMCID:


This durable medical device treats symptoms secondary to acute or chronic injury.

FDA Product Classification:
Therapeutic Medical Device; Neuromodulation and physical medicine. ISA. Regulation Sec. 890.5660
Power Supply:
110-240v 50/60HZ
1200-3600 Rpm
Battery Specs:
2400mAh, 12V, fully charged in ~3hr
50lb stall force, 14mm stroke depth
LCD touch screen (left # for speed, right # for battery %, center # for temperature)
Less than a vibrating phone
Charging time:
4 hrs once a week for battery longevity
Working hours:
+5 hours; designed for all day clinical use
20x26x6cm product, 24x10.5x39cm carrying case
Unit weight:
2 lbs for device; 1 lbs for case and attachments; 3lbs total
Full 1 year warranty included;


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Michelle M.
United States United States

I think you guys are the most fabulous company ever

Every time I need anything at all you, you guys take care of it 100%

Matthew L.
United States United States

Love your product.

I was so satisfied that I bought two and sent the other one to my parents. Highly recommended!

Nicole C.
United States United States

5 star product!

The heated back hammer 2.0 has been a game-changer for my post-workout recovery and in my practice. While it comes with a significant variety of attachment options, the combination of powerful percussion massage and soothing heat really helps alleviate muscle tension. It’s well-built, easy to use, and has become an essential part of my routine. Highly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their muscle recovery and/or for use in their clinic.

Michael G.
United States United States

Great Device Fantastic Customer

Works just as described great tension and pain relief. Had an issue with the first one I ordered, was replaced immediately without question. Great customer service.

Matthew L.
United States United States

Highly recommend!

I bought it for myself. When my wife borrows it she returns it with a dead battery. Someday I'll get to use it. Let's agree, it's being used.