The Myo Mount - Portland Health Supply
The Myo Mount - Portland Health Supply
The Myo Mount - Portland Health Supply
The Myo Mount - Portland Health Supply


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The Myo Mount is a suction wall mount that helps you target those hard to reach muscles on your own. It works with most massage gun models, and includes a roller ball attachment for deep tissue pressure.

Most smooth surfaces are compatible, including painted walls, refrigerators, smooth doors, tile, granite, metal, etc.

There is an additional bolted base attachment that allows for connection to a standard squat rack. 

WARNING: Do not use this product over glass, mirror, or any other material with the potential to break.


1.) Remove dirt or dust from both contact surfaces. If your climate is dry, you may rinse the rubber disc with water before applying it to a surface.

2.) Firmly press the suction rubber disc against the desired surface with the tab pulled perpendicular.

3.) While maintaining firm pressure with the mount and attachment surface- flatten the tab to create suction force.

4.) Choose either the massage gun clamp or massage ball and screw it into the mounted base by matching the pegs.

5.) Screw clockwise to secure or counter clockwise to remove the attachment.

6.) When using the massage gun clamp, first loosen the screws enough to allow the handle to slide firmly into place.

7.) Tighten the screws with the massage gun handle in the clamp firmly before turning it on.


-Do not use massage guns directly over the neck due to risk of discomfort.

-Wall mounts may leave a mark on some painted surfaces.

-Do not use this product over fragile materials, such as glass or windows.